What is Culture Supernatant of Human Stem Cell

Culture supernatant of human stem cell is a supernatant liquid obtained when stem cells of human body are cultured in a culture medium.

Culture supernatant of human stem cell contains various cytokines* that regulate cell proliferation and differentiation, and regenerates cells that have declined due to aging.

We provide new solution for maintaining health and beauty by using the regenerative effects of culture supernatant liquid.

*Protein secreted by cells

What Does Culture Supernatant of Human Stem Cell Do

Culture supernatant of human stem cell, which activates the regenerative power of the human body, can be used for the treatment of various diseases, and also a wide range of beauty effects such as improvement of wrinkles and sagging of the skin, skin whitening effect, and activation of hair and eyelashes can be expected.

By utilizing the culture supernatant liquid, not only medical effect but also the Quality of Life can be greatly improved.

Outstanding Culture Speed Makes Possible Ultra-Low Price

The speed is 100 times faster than manual work! Automatic culture robot "SKY MOTHER", developed with the support of a USA tech company, realizes "ultra-high concentration and low price". In 2021, Cosmetology enters the era of next-generation technology

Pursuing Safety

Products with culture supernatant of human stem cell has been proved that there is almost no risk of side effect because it contains culture supernatant liquid not stem cell.

We have strict quality control with our incubator and have been pursuing higher safety for supernatant liquid.

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