Research and Development in the Robot for Culture Supernatant of Stem Cell

Dental pulp stem cell contains more than 3000 proteins.

We invented the special robot “SKY MOTHER” for producing culture supernatant liquid of dental pulp stem cells effectively.

We will give you the solutions for various medical requests by inventing nasal spray bottle and nebulizer.

Research and Development of Regenerative Beauty Solution

To experience the effect of culture supernatant of human stem cell.

We develop as a product of regenerative medicine for a daily use. By our original technologies, the high quality and concentration of culture supernatant liquid works on your skin for anti-aging. We develop various products with regenerative medicine for your troubled skin or hair.


Collecting and storing dental pulp stem cells while you are young, you can secure healthy and fresh stem cells and use them for future treatment.

We will open “KIDS CELL BANK” as dental pulp stem cell storage facility in Japan to establish the system to make the best use of your dental pulp stem cell as regenerative medicine at any time and store safely and carefully.

How to Utilize Baby Tooth in the Future
■ To make a medicine for grandmotherʼs hay fever from grandchildʼs milk teeth
■ To make a fatherʼs hair growth tonic from his childʼs milk teeth
■ To make a motherʼs beauty serum from her childʼs milk teeth
■ To make eye drops for grandfather from grandchildʼs milk teeth

※The service will start in the summer of 2023.

Local Storage Facility
Your dental pulp cells will be stored under the strict management system at our local facilities.
Cell Culture by Automatic Incubator
By using automatic incubator, we make safe cell culture possible at low cost.
Cryopreservation and Long-term Storage
To freeze the cultured stem cell makes it possible to use regenerative medicine using own stem cells at any time.

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